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  • Rise Of EVs Signals Peak Gasoline

    Published 19 May 2019 | viewed 449 times

    The internal combustion engine has already reached a peak in sales. That startling conclusion comes from a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).…

  • Tesla's Solar Sales Are Slipping

    Published 16 May 2019 | viewed 668 times

    Most of the solar cells made at Tesla’s solar factory in Buffalo, New York, are being exported instead of being installed on U.S. homes as…

  • Ireland Declares Climate Emergency

    Published 12 May 2019 | viewed 1,488 times

    Ireland has declared a climate emergency, with Climate Action Minister Richard Bruton calling climate change the greatest challenge mankind is facing. ITV quoted the minister…

  • U.S. Energy Department Builds World's Fastest Supercomputer

    Published 07 May 2019 | viewed 716 times

    The U.S. Department of Energy announced on Tuesday a multi-million contract to Cray Inc and AMD, who will build the world’s fastest supercomputer that will…

  • Warren Buffett Is Betting Big On Energy Stocks

    Published 06 May 2019 | viewed 1,338 times

    One of America’s most legendary investors, Warren Buffett, plans to invest heavily in energy, he revealed during the annual shareholders’ meeting of his principal investment…

  • World's Largest Wealth Fund Sees Best Quarter Ever

    Published 05 May 2019 | viewed 842 times

    The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund—Norway’s US$1-trillion fund that has amassed its wealth from oil—earned US$84 billion in Q1 in the “strongest quarter ever”, boosted…

  • Economists: Higher Oil Prices Here To Stay

    Published 02 May 2019 | viewed 2,218 times

    Economists have jacked up the projection for U.S. light crude to average $60.23 per barrel in 2019 from a $58.92 forecast in March in the…

  • Tesla Launches Solar Panel Fire Sale

    Published 30 April 2019 | viewed 790 times

    Tesla will cut the prices of its solar panels by as much as 38 percent below the national average in a bid to regain ground…

  • New Evidence Suggests Climate Is Changing Faster Than Anticipated

    Published 29 April 2019 | viewed 753 times

    New climate models now project even faster global warming than previous work. The models were developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Princeton, NJ),…

  • Middle East Looks To Spend $1 Trillion On Energy

    Published 28 April 2019 | viewed 2,385 times

    Countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region have a total of US$1 trillion in committed and planned investments in the energy sector…

  • The Surprising Catalyst Sending Some U.S. Home Prices Soaring

    Published 23 April 2019 | viewed 669 times

    House prices in the top U.S. ZIP codes for electric vehicles (EVs) are higher in areas in close proximity to EV charging stations than in…

  • The Unstoppable Electric Bus Revolution

    Published 18 April 2019 | viewed 2,228 times

    The electric bus revolution is about to take off. While the prospect of major advances in electric buses receive a small fraction of the attention…

  • Musk Draws SEC Attention With Another Controversial Tweet

    Published 15 April 2019 | viewed 1,257 times

    Just two months after he tweeted a production figure forecast, Tesla’s chief executive has done it again just days after he had to appear in…

  • Commodities Are Hot Again

    Published 13 April 2019 | viewed 2,370 times

    Commodities are hot once again after a disastrous performance at the end of 2018 when energy prices collapsed and the escalating U.S.-China trade war spooked…

  • Aramco Bond Run Could Delay IPO

    Published 10 April 2019 | viewed 1,077 times

    The Saudi plan to use their state-run oil giant, Aramco, as a piggy bank panned out fabulously for the Kingdom on Tuesday, with international investor…

  • EV Superchargers Face One Key Hurdle

    Published 08 April 2019 | viewed 2,473 times

    Companies around the world are developing superchargers that can “fill up” an EV battery in a matter of minutes, but there is one problem: they…

  • Facebook Pulls Misleading Solar Scam Ads

    Published 07 April 2019 | viewed 981 times

    As if the solar industry didn’t already face significant headwinds on its way toward world domination, a Facebook page called Solar Energy Today has promised…

  • Money Managers Turn Bullish On Oil

    Published 03 April 2019 | viewed 1,259 times

    Hedge funds and other money managers expanded their bullish bets on oil prices last week amid signs that U.S. shale growth is slowing, the global…

  • U.S. Reinstates Ban On Arctic Oil Drilling

    Published 01 April 2019 | viewed 1,081 times

    United States District Court for the District of Alaska judge Sharon L. Gleason decided late on Friday to reinstate the drilling ban on millions of…

  • U.S. Turns Up The Heat On Companies Still Buying Venezuelan Oil

    Published 31 March 2019 | viewed 3,376 times

    The U.S. administration is trying to pressure foreign commodity traders and refiners to suspend their trades with Venezuelan oil in the latest push against the…