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Alex Kimani

Alex Kimani

Writer, conil.me

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2018


Alex Kimani is a veteran finance writer, investor, engineer and researcher for conil.me. 

  • Goldman Suddenly Goes Cold On Commodities

    Published 30 April 2019 | viewed 5,168 times

    Commodities may be hot, but increasingly they’re too hot to handle. Coming into 2019, many pundits were bullish about commodities, citing market risks such as…

  • Crypto Reality Check Causes $10-Billion In Losses

    Published 28 April 2019 | viewed 2,060 times

    Nowadays, it doesn’t take much to spook cryptocurrencies markets. After a few weeks of relative calm, the markets are on the move again, shedding $10…

  • Illegal African Gold Makes It Way To UAE

    Published 26 April 2019 | viewed 5,724 times

    There is a new gold rush in Africa, and the UAE is busy cashing in on the lucrative yet unregulated industry, as exposed by an…

  • Microsoft Sets Sights On Trillion-Dollar Valuation

    Published 25 April 2019 | viewed 1,030 times

    The world’s largest software and cloud company, Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) is rapidly closing in on the rarefied $1-trillion club after the company beat Wall…

  • US Charges Chinese Engineer Over Stolen GE Trade Secrets

    Published 25 April 2019 | viewed 1,145 times

    The U.S. has charged a former Chinese engineer and a businessman of stealing General Electric’s turbine technology and sneaking it out to China, marking the…

  • Feds Target Forex Company In $75 Million Ponzi Scheme

    Published 23 April 2019 | viewed 4,027 times

    Point-spread scams, signal-seller scams and robot scamming are well known ‘new-age’ incarnations of forex fraud. Unbeknownst to many traders and investors is that another far…

  • Strong U.S. Dollar Weighs On Blue Chip Earnings

    Published 22 April 2019 | viewed 3,650 times

    So much for trade wars and tariffs being Wall Street’s boogie man. When the Fed signaled a U-turn in its monetary tightening policy earlier this…

  • Amazon Calls It Quits On Alibaba’s Home Turf

    Published 21 April 2019 | viewed 3,739 times

    Amazon Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is as daring as they come, but knows a lost cause when it sees one. After nearly two decades squaring it off…

  • Did Facebook Just Become ‘Uninvestable’?

    Published 20 April 2019 | viewed 3,544 times

    Beset by months by scandals and setbacks, Facebook Inc. founder, chairman and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is in the hot seat once again. This time around,…

  • Canopy Growth Eyes U.S. Pot Producer In $3.4B Takeover Deal

    Published 18 April 2019 | viewed 1,178 times

    After a particularly busy period last year, merger mania in the legal weed industry is still showing no signs of a cool-down. Reports have emerged…

  • Marijuana’s Bizarre Bottleneck Isn’t What You’d Expect

    Published 17 April 2019 | viewed 4,819 times

    It’s one thing when a cutting-edge company like Tesla Inc. is unable to meet its delivery targets due to automation challenges at its gigafactory. It’s…

  • Climbing Stocks Weigh On Gold, But A Turnaround May Be Near

    Published 17 April 2019 | viewed 4,004 times

    Gold has once again been wrong-footed, having lost some of its luster to drop to its lowest level this year. June gold futures on Comex,…

  • Inside China’s Renewed War To Purge the Internet

    Published 15 April 2019 | viewed 3,107 times

    Beijing has been incessantly harping on about its successful transition to an open economy and plans to further liberalize its markets to foreign investors. Yet,…

  • Telecom War Gets Messy As 5G Speed Remains Undefined

    Published 13 April 2019 | viewed 9,383 times

    The battle for the best wireless network is on. After years of PR and marketing hype, wireless carriers have finally turned on their 5G networks.…

  • The Most Mouth-Wateringly Unprofitable IPO This Year

    Published 12 April 2019 | viewed 1,520 times

    Profits and profitable companies are so banal. Money-losing companies like Uber, on the other hand, are much more exciting for investors—especially if they are growing…

  • Ballooning US Deficit Is A ‘House of Cards’

    Published 11 April 2019 | viewed 3,927 times

    More than once has President Trump boasted that his administration has accomplished an “economic turnaround of historic proportions”; but the sheer magnitude of the bill…

  • China Weighs Bitcoin Mining Ban Over Environmental Concerns

    Published 11 April 2019 | viewed 4,482 times

    China has an ongoing love-hate relationship with blockchain technology. On one hand, the government openly touts blockchain tech, going as far as claiming it has…

  • Behind The IMF’s Market-Jolting Doom And Gloom

    Published 10 April 2019 | viewed 3,576 times

    The world economy is likely to be significantly less vibrant this year than had been thought just three months ago. That is the verdict by…

  • Gold Prices Stuck In Limbo

    Published 10 April 2019 | viewed 4,964 times

    Gold is treading water, holding just above $1,300 per ounce for the second day in a row, buoyed by an IMF downgrade of the global…

  • Chinese Appetite For Gold Approaching Record Levels

    Published 09 April 2019 | viewed 6,339 times

    China is developing an insatiable appetite for gold, and the country could soon become the world’s largest buyer of the precious metal. China is currently…